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Originally Posted by mikeyatemypizza View Post
I have yet to see photographic proof that the coat and backpack are removable from each other. Or the coat off the figure. I have only see a pic with Raph's hat off.
What would make you think the coat is not removable? Pretty sure Neca did not go through the trouble of making the coat permanent, plus as I was not able to get the first release this is great for me.[/QUOTE]

Originally Posted by Btown View Post
from BBTS description:

So I would assume it all is, however the backpack looks like it goes through the top loops of the jacket.
Oh yeah I was just thinking it could be produced with a non-removable coat and perhaps an unfinished body underneath. That way people that wanted to display Raph with and without the coat would be forced to buy two separate figures.

I hope everything is removable that way I can keep all the accessories and sell the Raph. Basically purchasing an accessory pack like many thought NECA would put out. And someone that only wants a Raph with no accessories will have one.

I have read all are removable but that could imply from Raph but not from each other. For example removing the backpack from the coat.
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Looking at NECA's pics it looks like the pack has buckles. It is pictured going through loops on top of the jacket shoulders. My guess is it will come as one, but if you really want to separate everything you can. They state everything is removable in their description. I am thinking Keep accessories and sell extra Raph too.
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Yes, if you look closely at the picture with Raphael back/side towards the camera, the belt buckles on the backpack are visible. So you can open this and take it to the loops on the shoulders. So I think the backpack is removable.
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Just got the Leo in stock at EE. LOL.... i cancelled yesterday and got one from bbts instead. *face palm*

Thank you to evan2000 for the AWESOME gif! <3
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Originally Posted by drag0nfeathers View Post
Just got the Leo in stock at EE. LOL.... i cancelled yesterday and got one from bbts instead. *face palm*
Tell me about it... cancelled yesterday as well.. went with calendars.. I'm happy tho, he will be here tomorrow!
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