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Here's an analysis of what episodes are about which turtles:
*Eps 1-3: All Team
*Ep 4: Raphael
*Eps 5-9: All Team
*Ep 10: Leonardo
*Ep 11: All Team
*Ep 12: Michaelangelo
*Eps 13-15: All Team (15 had a moment for Michaelangelo)
*Ep 16: Donatello
*Ep 17: Leonardo
*Ep 18: All Team
*Ep 19: Leonardo
*Ep 20: Donatello/Michaelangelo
*Eps 21-23: All Team (23 had a moment for Leonardo)
*Ep 24: Raphael
*Eps 25-34: All Team
*Ep 35: Leonardo
*Eps 36-42: All Team (38 had a moment for Michaelangelo // 39 had a moment for Donatello // 40-42 had a significant Raphael/Leonardo conflict)
*Ep 43: Donatello/Michaelangelo
*Eps 44-47: All Team
*Ep 48: Michaelangelo
*Eps 49-58: All Team
*Ep 59: Raphael/Michaelangelo
*Eps 60-61: All Team
*Ep 62: Leonardo/Michaelangelo
*Eps 63-64: All Team
*Ep 65: Michaelangelo
*Eps 66-70: All Team
*Ep 71: Michaelangelo
*Ep 72: Raphael
*Ep 73: Donatello
*Ep 74: Leonardo
*Eps 75-78: All Team
*Ep 79: Donatello/Leonardo/Michaelangelo
*Eps 80-81: All Team (80 had a little love memento for Donatello // 81 had a moment for Donatello)
*Ep 82: Leonardo
*Ep 83: All Team
*Ep 84: Michaelangelo/Leonardo
*Eps 85-90: All Team
*Eps 91-92: Leonardo
*Ep 93: Raphael/Donatello/Michaelangelo
*Ep 94: Leonardo
*Ep 95: All Team
*Ep 96: Donatello
*Eps 97-99: All Team
*Ep 100: Leonardo
*Eps 101-103: Donatello
*Eps 104-109: All Team (109 had a moment for Leonardo/Raphael)
*Ep 111: Michaelangelo/Leonardo
*Eps 112-120: All Team
*Ep 121: Raphael/Leonardo
*Eps 122-124: All Team (122 had a moment for Michaelangelo)
*Ep 125: Michaelangelo
*Eps 126-131: All Team (128 had a moment for Raphael)
*Ep 132: Michaelangelo
*Ep 133: Raphael/Michaelangelo (the others had moments)
*Ep 134: Raphael/Donatello/Michaelangelo
*Eps 135-139: All Team
*Ep 140: Leonardo
*Eps 141-144: All Team
*Ep 145: Raphael/Leonardo/Michaelangelo (Donatello had an issue)
*Ep 146: Donatello
*Ep 147: Raphael/Donatello/Leonardo
*Eps 148-152: All Team (149 had a moment for Donatello/Raphael-past/Michaelangelo-past // 150 had a moment for Donatello/Michaelangelo/Leonardo)
*Ep 153: Raphael/Leonardo/Michaelangelo
*Ep 154: All Team
*Ep 155: Raphael/Michaelangelo
*Eps 156-158: All Team (156 had a moment for Donatello)
This is about the amount of episodes each turtle gets, and the percentage of the show they "have" (.25 points per turtle for every all-turtle ep, .333333... points for every turtle in a three-turtle ep, .5 points for every turtle in a two-turtle ep, and 1 point for each turtle's solo-ep):

Leonardo: 43.0833 (27.4416%)
Raphael: 35.4166 (22.5583%)
Donatello: 38.0833 (24.2569%)
Michaelangelo: 40.4166 (25.743%)
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