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Originally Posted by ProphetofGanja View Post
Isn't it like super redundant to have a trickster and a wild card on a team?
Yeah at first I was thinking those sound similar. But then I thought about ‘wild card’ as it is used in card games. And ‘trickster’ as being cunning and achieving goals by deceit. When at first I thought ‘trickster’ as the class clown type.
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Originally Posted by TigerClaw View Post
So your saying this Leonardo will steal from the rich, to give to the poor?
I believe it would be more akin to getting his way through charm or charisma. But I can't picture Leo in that scenario. In order to pull that off, he'd have to, for starters, not be a giant antropomorphic turtle.
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Originally Posted by TurtleWA View Post
Yeah at first I was thinking those sound similar. But then I thought about ‘wild card’ as it is used in card games. And ‘trickster’ as being cunning and achieving goals by deceit. When at first I thought ‘trickster’ as the class clown type.
It’s kind of like having having a tactition and a strategist on the same team. Both in same in outlook but yet at the same time very different in when you get down to be brass tacks.

Such as for example both tactitions and strategists are planners and come up with the ideas to complete the end goal.

However the Tactition is the one who says “We need to acheve ABC in order to get to XYZ” or if you prefer “In order to get to the mountain we have to take the hill”

The strategist is the one who says “This is how we will take the hill.”

The same is true with a trickster and wild card

A trickster uses lies and deception to achieve a goal. And in some cases the trickster can be a clownish sort, and other times they are more closer to what would could be refered to as a rogue because they don’t follow normal rules or conventional behavior and will generally depending on modivation side with whatever side offers the most gain.

A good example of a trickster would be Torbin Zixx because he would often dupe the Turtles into doing the dirty work in order for him to achieve his goals. Such as having the Turtles assist him in a charaty mission to Bolarathon only for it to turn out that the crates themselves were actually a compound that was used as an weapons grade explosive.

A wild card is a person who is discribed as being more chaotic good or a loose cannon. They may not have a side officially but serve themselves only or they may also be on the same side or have the same end goal as one team. But they have different motives or methods for getting said goal that are unorthodox or don’t fit with the main characters goals.

For example take Yu Yu Hakusho, one of the main characters was previously a notorious criminal. He isn’t exactly evil and can be helpful in many cases. But even though he does trust and respect those he has come to see as friends and allies, when he does offer information, particularly info about his past existance he does maintain a “if you don’t need to know, I won’t bother saying” basis. So much of what he would say is a partial truth or a lie by omission. And much of his reasons or actions are purely because it’s conveniant to him not because he has any real loyalty.

But at the same time he will not hesitate in killing someone because a fool only lets their enemy live to see another day. Such as during the third arc there is one moment where Kurama goes to the Spirit World to confront Koenma about an enemy they were being told face off against. Koenma at first brushes off Kurama’s concerns until the former thief says “Not if you didn’t think this was a foe that we could defeat.”

And in the same arc they Urameshi team apprihends a boy on the enemies side. At one point that kid asks what he should do since he is technically still their enemy. And Kurama responds by saying “What you do now is for you to decide. But if you do choose to go back to our enemy, I will not hesitate in killing you.”

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Originally Posted by matteso586 View Post
Does anyone have a theory on where April got that glowing baseball bat from?
Casey is sacrificed on an alter in Magic Mutantland, the bat ending up imbued with his spirit, which is now magic and April keeps as not only a weapon but to remember him by.
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The bat seems energy based so I don't think it's magic, might be a gadget Donatello made for April? It'd be so awesome if it's called Casey.

The playset that shows the inferior world below New York makes me believe that real New York will almost never be featured, since so little effort was put into the toy section of NY and yet the layer and bottom world is full of stuff to play in.

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