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Mad Scientist
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RIP actor John Mahoney

Starred in Frasier as patriarch Martin Crane, cameoed alongside Kelsey Grammer on Cheers as well, as well as on the Simpsons with him & David Hyde Pierce. Joined Steppenwolf Theater at co-founder John Malkovich's encouragement (who he costarred with in In The Line Of Fire), where he won several awards, including a Tony & set off his career. Starred in Code of Silence, Tin Men, Eight Men Out, The American President, Barton Fink, The Hudsucker Proxy, Antz, Atlantis: The Lost Empire & sequel, etc. Departed at 77.
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God bless and Rest In Peace

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Darth Knuckles
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That is terrible to hear. I loved watching him so much on Frasier. I remember and really enjoyed watching that whole series with my Dad and laughing a lot while doing it. Martin Crane was a good old-fashioned, down-to-Earth, every man type of Dad on that show who also loved to travel in his trusty Winnebago. Thanks for all of the laughs John Mahoney.
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