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Hi just messing around in ps and discovered a new technique I quite liked
I am by no means a professional mainly self taught anyway I was inspired by the 4 elements

Donatello~ Air

Air traits Thinker, Naturally curious, Advanced , Clarity & Analytical


Michelangelo~ Earth

Earth traits Practical, Lives in the here and now, Patient, Loyal, Down to earth, Enjoys Earthly delights
(you know Milk Honey and Pizza! This is totally Mikey)


Raphael~ Fire

Fire traits Hot headed, Passionate, Confident , Action, Fun, Head Strong, Sarcastic, Burn out

This is so Raphael


Leonardo~ Water

Water traits Intuitive, Nurturer, Ambitious, Intense, Emotional, Dangerous (threaten him or his family and he may just kill u)

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