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O course there is good stuff in it. It is probably my favorite of the three (or at least a close second to the original- it really depends on my mood) due to several factors. One, the cinematography was GORGEOUS. The Japanese scenery right from the opening onward, was simply so beautiful, I fell in love instantly. All the characters were well-developed, and I really didn't mind the corny jokes, because- well, it IS TMNT (and they had more of the FW influence by then). I loved the fight scenes, and the costuming (not the turtles suits, but the rest of it) was really well done. I never found the plot or villains generic- they were different from what fans expected, sure, but time-travel is NEVER really "generic", IMHO. Also, the little hints at influencing their own future (Raph with Yoshi, Whit possibly being an ancestor of Casey, etc.) were neat. Overall, I think this one gets too much flack, and most of it is undeserved. Yes the turtle suits (mostly the heads, as someone pointed out) were not as good, but since they were mostly covered by the samurai armor I hardly ever noticed. The parts in New York were a lot of fun, too. Casey in the bar with those guards was hilarious, as was their introduction to hockey and TV.
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