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The Official Technodrome "Favorite Character" Polls & Hub

Greetings, everyone!

Thanks to Krang for giving this thread and system of ordinance the green light.

With all of the 2012 Nick Turtles news and media streaming in at a seemingly fast speed, our forum community has been bustling with topics of discussion, exciting and some leading to great conservations about our favorite franchise. However, we've also suffered from a bit of unorganized thread placement and an array of unnecessary (sometimes even double) topics.

People can complain all they want when another "Who is Your Favorite Turtle?" thread pops up, but it doesn't change the fact that this question will always be asked, mostly by new members who haven't scanned the search engine on the forum. Some fault belongs to them because they have not been entirely diligent, yet at the same time there are no forum rules that state a time frame in topics concerning "Favorite" polls.

So, I purpose a system of ordinance concerning "Favorite" (Character) polls. Seeing as how there are already 2 sans-poll threads asking who your favorite character is/who your favorite Turtle is, I suggest having a one-year duration "official" Technodrome poll/thread for favorite Turtle, and another for secondary characters.

Throughout the year the 2 polls are active, all "Favorite Turtle" threads will now be merged in this central hub of discussion (and, likewise, for secondary characters) if they are subsequently started. When the polls are deactivated in a year's time, there should be a reasonable knowledge gained on the part of the community as a whole so as to not start another Favorites thread for at least six months. After this six (give or take depending on circumstance) month period, another poll can be "officially" started.

So there you have it, folks! Vote and discuss using the links below!


After the silver-tongued spirit Pan escaped from Rancientia to Earth, possessed a British officer, and sparked the American Revolution, spirit warriors Blaken, Marston, Rowen, and Seddus took long-tailed weasels as hosts and developed extraordinary powers to counter Pan and his apocalyptic vision for Earth.

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