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Originally Posted by Powder View Post
Mondo incredibly unlikable.
That might be a first in the history of the character. Mondo, in just about every incarnation of the franchise, has been the "fun" character (even if he took some time to find his identity as a mutant).

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Something from the Past
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#23 was a great issue, so I'm looking forward to reading #24. Overall, I love TMNT Universe. Sad to hear it's ending.

After the silver-tongued spirit Pan escaped from Rancientia to Earth, possessed a British officer, and sparked the American Revolution, spirit warriors Blaken, Marston, Rowen, and Seddus took long-tailed weasels as hosts and developed extraordinary powers to counter Pan and his apocalyptic vision for Earth.

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The one thing I liked about this two-parter was it finally made Mondo interesting. He bores me in every other incarnation.
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Joey Kamikaze
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Mondo is the one who sneaks aboard Maligna's ship with Raph in the original Mutanimals miniseries. They get captured and are about to be eaten till one of Maligna's lackeys turns on her and frees them. So you could argue Mondo being short-sighted and getting himself into dangerous situations without thinking it through is consistent with the original version of the character.
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