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I have had three of the four turtles plus the mousers set for a couple of weeks now and I really do love them. I dig the Mirage look but I like how they used the different skin tones from the vintage toyline to mix things up and really hit that nostalgia nerve. Not exactly the most fun toys to pose and play with, but being an "adult collector" I don't really do much of that anyway, so they are right up my alley.

The only thing that has me really worried is that the tepid reaction the line has gotten in comparison to NECA's offerings means it probably won't have much longevity. The Casey and Shredder they teased look pretty amazing, but who knows if and when they will ever actually drop. Hopefully Mondo can get the next wave out in a timely manner at a reasonable price, to try and sustain some interest in the line and keep it going.

And since I can't post in the BST forum yet, I figure I might as well post this here, but I'm looking for an exclusive version Leonardo and eBay seems to have dried up, so if anyone is looking to get rid of theirs let me know.
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