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Hi everyone,

A week or so ago, Steve Murphy sold an Adult Only Mini-Comic on ebay that was an unofficial internal Mirage project, limited to 50 copies. This was the first time most of us had ever heard of the book, let alone seen it. So obviously, it peaked the interest of many of us.

Well, today, I was able to pick up a copy of this book myself, and while I do not yet have the book in hand, I have some pictures to share as well as some information that i recieved directly from the books creator: Bill Fitts. Once I have the book, rest assured I will provide scans (which will most likely be censored unless Krang wants to give me the go ahead to post uncensored pics.)

I was very fortunate in being able to track down Bill Fitts through Mark Bode. When questioned about the book, he said:

"Well, what this was is a comic I put together as a "farewell gift" to my friends at Mirage before I left to move back to california in 1993

I wrote and did the layouts, and my friend Dan Seneres did the pencils, I inked it and Steve Lavigne did the lettering. As it was sort of a "taboo" at the time (as the TMNT we're still enjoying popularity and we were careful not to tarnish the clean image), I kept it on the under and only printed a run of I beleive 50 copies, which were given out to the creators and some of the staff - it was done secretly and then I sprung it on them as a surprise, heh."

I got permission from Krang to post the images of the book without censoring them. After having seen each page of this book first hand, I have made the decision not to review the book on GoGreenMachine as it far I ever imagined. However; any website that would like to review the book is more than welcome to do so. I would only as that the GGM watermark not be removed from the images, and that credit for the find be given to GGM.

Now...before I provide the link, let me just say that these images are DEFINITELY adult. SO BY CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW, YOU ARE SAYING THAT YOU ARE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER.

I used flickr to host since they allow adult images, so you WILL need a flickr (or yahoo) account to view them. If you are having trouble reading or seeing any page, you can make the picture really big (I believe 1024x76 with the "All Sizes" option on each picture.

Brace Yourself....and Enjoy

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