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Wow I actually expected a bunch of negative posts about it, everything I've read about Bay the past few years have been negative and how he ruined both Transformers movies (especially the second which no one seems to like). So yeah I'm surprised at the positive comments.

Because of all the negative things I've read I'm not sure what to think. I've only watched the first Transformers movie and I enjoyed it for what it was, I know a lot of people were upset. Then again I was never a transformers fan, I wasn't born for the original fad so I know nothing of the mythologies that Bat apparently pissed on.

The good news is this kind of confirms the movie will be PG-13 and aimed at an older and younger audience like Transformers. Also that Paramount is taking this movie seriously and they expect it to do as well as Transformers so they'll definitely do a lot of marketing for the movie. Both those things are good.

Counting transformers 3 comes out in summer 2011 will there be enough time for TMNT to be out in 2012 if Bay is attached? I actually thought Paramount would wait to see how well The Last Airbender did to see how much they invested on TMNT.
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