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Goosebumps: The Series To Be Revived

A live-action Goosebumps series based on R.L. Stine’s bestselling books is in the works for the small screen. Scholastic Entertainment, the media division of Scholastic, is teaming with Neal H. Moritz, producer of the Goosebumps and Goosebumps 2 films, and Sony Pictures TV, where Moritz’s Original Film is under a deal, to develop the series.

“Goosebumps has been keeping kids and families on the edge of their seats for nearly 30 years and we’re very excited to partner with Sony Pictures Television and Neal H. Moritz to bring the enduring brand to life in a fresh new way for today’s generation,” said Iole Lucchese., Scholastic Entertainment President and Chief Strategy Officer. “From the world-famous book series to a full-scale licensing program and even live-action movies starring Jack Black, Goosebumps remains wildly popular and we look forward to presenting new adventures to give fans even more Goosebumps.”
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I love the old series. The one where the girl gets her face stuck in a mask was more fun and effective than a lot of modern horror movies I see, to be honest.

I mean, the art-house ones like The Witch, Hereditary, etc, or classics like the Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby are way better, but compared to a lot of the lesser horror movies out there, they were actually pretty fun.
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honestly if it's as half as good as The Haunting Hour, I'll be up for it.
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I'm excited, I wonder if they'll adapt the classic books and new books or only new books. Since it's from the producer of the movies maybe they'll just keep it in the "real world" with the books coming out. I loved the first movie, it was a great homage to the franchise, didn't watch the second one but apparently it's a rehash.

I wouldn't expect much, I mean even if they're faithful adaptations it's not like they aren't mediocre stories I'm not saying they don't have their charm but let's be honest here.
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I hope they adapt Chicken Chicken in all its child abusing, mean-spirited glory.
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