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Archie Adventures: Hard Traveling Heroes In a Half-Shell

Archie's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles run is known for a few things such as going potentially 80 issues, the in your face environmental politics, and beginning with adaptations of the first seven episodes before taking its own path. I have been rereading the run with the lockdown and one thing I noticed was that 80% of the issues take place outside of New York City. When we think of the TMNT we think of them battling Shredder in NYC. However, the Turtles in Archie's Adventures run are world travelers.

#12-#17-#12 & #13 take place in Dimension X while #14 & #15 take place in the Amazon rain forest within Brazil, South America. #16& #17 take place in the Atlantic Ocean.
#26-#40 Tibet and return immediately home, Innsmouth, Massachusetts in #27 and return immediately home. #28-#32 sees a trip to Japan to rescue The Warrior Dragon. #33-#34 return to Tibet where Splinter sees off his mentor who is a reincarnation of Buddha? #35-#36 Iraq, #37 Dimension X, #38-#39 was a three part team up with the Mutanimals in Brazil, South America. #40 Cuba.
#42-#44 while technically in NYC it is 100 years in the future.
#46 takes part mostly in Japan.
#48-#50 Dimension X.
#53-#61-#53& 54 take place in Jerusalem, Israel. #55-#61 takes place in the Atlantic and eventually a desert in the west.
#62-#66 is set in NYC, but its 100 years in the future like #42-#44.
#67-#70 takes place in the Alaskan wilderness.
Most of the issues not mentioned had the turtles in flashback tales or fighting Shredder in NYC. I remember writing in as a elementary school age kid asking for more TMNT vs Shredder in NYC stories. I assume due to a majority of the 1987 cartoon taking place in NYC versus Shredder it wanted to get away from that. While I liked that best I do appreciate the "world tour" with a pair of space adventures and future stories. However, despite wanting more New York City based stories or Shredder in Archie I find myself wanting IDW to take the TMNT away from New York City for an arc or two. Aside from a half dozen issues dealing with the Pantheon, Northhampton, or Alaska the TMNT have been in New York City. I guess I wanted more of a balance. The world tour beats the mob boss/mad scientist of the week. I am curious to your thoughts on the hard traveling heroes. Where they on the road too much? Was it a good change of pace? A little more balance of NYC stories with Shredder or others with the Turtles elsewhere?
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I'm not opposed to the Turtles being outside of NY (I like the space arc a lot in Adventures). It makes sense for Archie turtles to travel and learn from all over the world, I would have like more Archie stories on NY though.
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As a kid it felt a bit weird, and early on I wasn't thrilled about it, but at some point I realized that I didn't need more of what the cartoon show already did just fine. That would be incredibly redundant.

I feel like since they'd already decided to ignore the cartoon continuity, if they'd stayed NYC-centric with mostly Shredder as the villain, all they would have done is basically keep doing "their version" of characters and concepts from the show. Going in a completely different direction gave them the opportunity to do a lot of new and different things, so I appreciate that.

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Murphy said he did this because he wanted to expose kids to different cultures and traditions. That's why plotlines of budda and reincarnation angered Christians in the letters pages, lol. Murphy had to explain to them that different religions exist and there's no "right or wrong" way to practice a religion.

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It kinda made sense the way it was done. Cudley dropped them on Earth but was too busy or whatever to drop them directly in New York. It made sense to have them travel across most of the countries they needed to traverse to get back to America. As a kid it made sense and I never expected them to just 'Later, back in NY' or for them to just magically just be back home next issue.
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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
Murphy said he did this because he wanted to expose kids to different cultures and traditions.
The funny thing is that all this already exists within American culture and traditions, especially in a big city like New York City.
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I think it was a desire to do something different with the Turtles. Getting them out of NYC really helped differentiate the series. Most animated and movie versions suffer budget limitations, gotta reuse those backgrounds. So in a sense it was leveraging what comics can do that other mediums can't.
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