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Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post
Yeah, I've been thinking about that a lot. There's very, very little logic in any of the way the Triceratons were created, but especially the cloning bits. Which would come with a lot of problems with the major lack in genetic diversity. If an extreme disease comes their way, they are royally screwed, because they wouldn't have the genetic resistance to fight it. Not to compare them to plants, but that's why we've struggled with banana crops. Not only once, but now a second time.

And any self-respecting Utrom scientist should have known that.
In Green Lantern Ganthet is the featured Guardian of The Universe. He later gets a wife with Sayd. At one point Ganthet was it then the others are brought back as children he raises on his own. Once restored they become their worst enemy and die despite apparent immortality. This time however Ganthet has a female companion when they are allowed to survive. Also, there was a second set of Guardians of The Universe hidden away guarding an acient item called The Templar Guardians. No one ever heard of them until suddenly it was just the couple left. I know I am ranting, but it feels much like The Tricratons restart and convineces. Why can't Zom be Sayd and Zog and Zom have little Triceratons and it work like Noah's sons and thier wives?
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Triceraton are created from an unknown three-horned chasmosaurine from Cretaceous Mongolia:

Sophie Campbell in an old DeviantArt comment (now gone): "Turtles in Time takes place in Mongolia, not North America! the tyrannosaurid was a tarbosaurus, and i'm pretty sure there was overlap of protoceratops and tyrannosaurus around the Maastrichtian era of the Late Cretaceous (i'm no expert so i might be wrong though). the only dinosaur in the comic that most likely doesn't fit is the quetzalcoatlus, which lived around the same time but probably not in Mongolia (although nobody can prove they didn't, so...), but we said the hell with it. :XD:"

Then the "Styracodon" might be a Sinoceratops...
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While it does show them going to North America in Utrom Empire, a Triceratops did show up in Mongolia during Turtles in Time. Which probably was unlikely at best.
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