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Kyo Hisagi
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Tales of the TMNT # 9

Hello guys, I need your help.

I am a long time collector, but I usually collect Archie/IDW comic books. Few months ago I've stumbled upon article named "best tmnt comics" or something like that, and that's how I've discovered Tales of the TMNT 9. I lost my cat few years ago and reading this was pretty painful but at the same time helped me to accept- this is life. This is how death works. Absolutely brilliant and heartbreaking issue, I applaud to Jim Lawson.

I want to buy this particular issue, but it looks like copies listed on Ebay are in pretty bad condition (good/fine) and I want at least VF. I see one copy on GrahamCrackers but since I don't live in US, the shipping is just TOO MUCH for me (33 $ for a single comic?! I pay 3x times less when I use tfaw). question is- is anyone willing to sell this comic and ship to Russia? I understand that probably my search will be futile, shipping is expensive either way etc, but at least I tried. Thanks for your attention and have a great day!

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