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The Demon Headmaster

Children of the '90s will remember being terrified by Terrence Hardiman's performance of the Demon Headmaster in the CBBC classic show.

Now, a whole new generation will be able to worry about whether they are being hypnotised by their teachers.

The new 10-part series will follow a group of mismatched children at an academy school as they realise the Super Head is hypnotising the students.

Terrence previously said he’d like to see how a new generation would react to his spooky character.

"I have very happy memories of working on The Demon Headmaster. And what fun to play such a megalomaniac!" he said.

"[Fans'] most frequent question was, 'How did you do that with your eyes?' I wonder how a new generation will react."

The show is adapted from Gillian Cross’s new Demon Headmaster book, Total Control by award-winning writer Emma Reeves, and will air on CBBC and BBC iPlayer.

The interactive programme will still air on Fridays and will feature hundreds of children in the audience taking part in classic games such as Double or Drop.

Prizes include cabbages and the much-coveted Crackerjack pencil.

Cheryl Taylor, head of content for BBC Children's, says: "Crackerjack is just one of several fabulous series that Children’s In-House Productions have developed this year. It’s the perfect vehicle for our much-loved stars Sam and Mark and promises to usher in a new era of frenetic family fun and whizzbang audience antics."

Loved the original when it was on, and it's nice to have something serialized on CBBC again to plug the gap left by the likes of the departed Sarah Jane, Wizards vs Aliens, Legend of Dick'N'Dom and Sparticle Mystery
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Sounds good. I liked the original when it aired on the Den (Irish children’s tv strand) in 1997/1998. Don’t think the third series was aired here, though.

I guess the show influenced me to like Buffy the Vampire Slayer years later.
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