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Old 09-19-2020, 04:29 AM   #81
Andrew NDB
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Originally Posted by Allsparrow View Post
I’m happy you haven’t had to deal with it, and happy that your daughter is enjoying distance learning, as you said. It’s not optimal, but she’s at least safe.
She was already safe. She's fit, she's 12, she has no asthma or anything else to be bothered with. The only thing doing her active damage is the lack of actual school.
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Just because someone has a low risk of symptomatic infection doesn't mean they can't spread it. Reopening the schools at the moment would be a disaster, if not for the kids, then for their families.
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I think the WHO arguments are political, and maybe should be left aside. If you don’t trust governments and institutions, that’s okay, but this is a group on Facebook, of people talking about their experiences. There are many like this, sharing what it’s like afterwards.

To Andrew: Why would that make her safe? She’s not, you are not, just because you think you’re healthy. That’s part of the bad information from 3 months ago. I can’t stress enough, as angry as you might be about the job loss, it’s important to stay appraised of what the developing information is. The article I shared before showed that many early assumptions were false. I know a mask is annoying, but having a stroke, is more annoying, having to walk slowly, when pre COVID you could run, is frustrating. It all sounds like scare tactics, and stuff that happens to other people. My friends thought so too. Try to take it as warnings, and if you never have to go through it, count yourself lucky, better to be safe than sorry.

To Voltron: I don’t think most people care, sadly, if others get it. Most people are only worried about them. Other people starts to sound like socialism, and socialism is communism, and that’s UnAmerican. The real concern is that the longer this goes on, the harder the economy will be hit. For that reason alone, masking up, together, ending all social gatherings, together, in unison, is the best bet, to move forward.

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Originally Posted by Allsparrow View Post
Most people are only worried about them. Other people starts to sound like socialism, and socialism is communism, and that’s UnAmerican.
I guess this is what good old ME culture has evolved into. Gone from just being a self focused jerk and attention whore that mattered little in the long run to..."Why should I care if we pass a harmful virus around, give it to you and some of your family dies as a result?"

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union"...forgot how to effing care about our fellow citizens.

"America first! But screw anyone who isn't me!"

And now you've got QAnon idiots who were tying up 911 lines with false conspiracies of "leftists," etc causing the wildfires and literally harming the response time of first responders for people in the middle of it that need actual help.

There used to be a line people wouldn't cross. A point where they think "this is too far" or "this is too absurd to be real" or "doing this would hurt people." But it seems like many don't even recognize that line anymore.

Ugh. The whole thing just makes me so angry anymore. (Don't expect me to be pulled into debate, anyone who wants to yell about my opinions on it. Feeling sometimes like wanting to roast some of these people on a spit and burn the world down is enough outside of this place without getting into it with people I generally otherwise enjoy talking to here and normally some of the better part of my day.)

Yes, I understand that the shutdowns that have cost some businesses their existence and some people their jobs, including some of you here (and I hope all the best and better for you), is awful and unfair, but I do not in any way agree that allowing an unnecessary amount of people to die of this is the answer; because that's a really effed up answer. As much money as we all collectively are giving this so-called government of ours all the time, people deserve to get things back on that investment when they are in need of it, and the goverment should absolutely have stepped up, and still should, to ENSURE that those businesses that have had to close can come back and reopen their doors and rehire those people. All that cost of our tax dollars spent on golfing during this pandemic could and probably should have gone into some businesses to help them stay open or come back after this crap has passed. I would so gladly support and believe, if I truly could, that taxes I pay went into help other citizens in this mess to get those businesses and jobs back, rather than paying for stupid golf trips, etc.

If we can not collectively help our people get through this, then that is a gross failing on our government and as a nation, not a failing of people who don't want themselves or loved ones to get ill and die in preference of money being more important.

There are reasons why we are failing at dealing with this as well as many other nations have, and it isn't because liberals want people to wear masks and stay safe.
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I agree with the above, but it is clearly not the feelings that many Americans have. This was a test of who is in it for them, and who is in it for us. To reach the people who are only in it for themselves, the economy appears to be the one common concern. It's something everybody can rally around. You want to go back to work? Get with the program. The only people who have anything to gain from not wearing a mask, are the enemy, people who actively want the country to fail. It is not a debate to be had, but people who want to prolong the pain. Stopping Covid, will re-start America, nothing less. I also think that despite the rational for holding protests, it is not slowing down the spread. The immediate threat must be neutralized, politics can wait.
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