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When the super hero without super powers is the strongest.

Well last week, I made myself the owner of some original eighties editions of the New Teen Titans comic book saga "the Judas Contract" which is a BAD ASS story line.

And it gave me an idea for a thread. Let's talk about the super heroes who don't have super powers but who can best the ones that are far stronger than they are.

I'll start with Dick Grayson in the "Judas Contract" story line


In this story, Dick Grayson has been leading the Teen Titans in New York city as Robin for a long time and is spending more time doing so than to fight crime at Batman's side in Gotham city. And every time he gets called back to Gotham he goes back to being that little sidekick.

So seeing as how he's coming into his own as a super hero rather than being Batman's sidekick, Grayson takes a monumental decision.

But his call to arms isn't all that long after he decides to give up the role of Robin and having Jason Todd replace him at Batman's side.

Because not nearly a week after giving up being Robin he gets a surprise visit from Deathstroke who addresses him by his full name. And this is where the like a boss moment starts.

Because Dick Grayson then provokes Deathstroke and have him throw him toward the window and jumping from it, using his jacket to slow the fall down and his acrobat reflexes to come down in a way which doesn't severely hurt him.

We then get to see Dick's detective skills which he honed with working at Batman for so many years at work as he visits the homes of his team mates who have been captured by Deathstroke, looking at the scenes and the clues he finds and making all the right conclusions.
- Starfire's house is wrecked and Dick finds the remnants of a device which was send to her with a forged "Dick Grayson" signature, she opened it and it had exploded, knocking her out.
- At Wondergirl's photo studio he finds that Deathstroke had substituted chemical developer for sulfuric acid which when combined with the alcohol Wondergirl was about to use to develop the pictures, formed a powerful sedating gas.

- At Cyborg's place he finds that Deathstroke had tempered with a chair which electrocuted Cyborg as he sat down.
- Beast Boy's family says he's not there when Grayson called them up.

But the most disturbing find he does is when he goes to the Titans tower and finds Raven's room completely ravaged, there was NO way Deathstroke could have abducted Raven from the Titans tower, she would have seen it coming with her emphatic powers and she's far stronger than Deathstroke is. The fact that the evidence tells him that there's no outside break in and that Raven never got a chance to fight back, leads him to a disturbing conclusion: this was an inside job.

So Dick Grayson is forced to become a super hero once more and he does so by adopting the mantle the mantle of...

So why does this all make Dick Grayson such a bad ass?
- He never loses his cool
- From the moment Deathstroke calls him by his name he starts thinking, calculating every possible scenario on how Deathstroke found out.
- His escape from Deathstroke by having the latter throw him toward the window and putting years of training as both a circus acrobat and at Batman's side as Robin to very good use to survive the drop.
- His detective skills as he visits the homes of his team mates, is such a cool scene.
- He bests an enemy who has super powers and does so in a way which makes the latter look stupid.
- He does all of that without freaking out.
"I reject your reality and substitute my own."
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It goes all the way back to David and Goliath in the Old Testament.
Because of continuity and timeline errors, I've given up writing fanfiction based on the 1987-1996 animated television series. Instead, I'm trying to reboot the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story, something many other fanfiction writers already do:

Hopefully, stories will later appear at
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