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Random Punk
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Turtles Fight Shredder - Available for print


9 years ago I asked your help in voting for this turtles shirt design I made for a tee shirt contest(Here is the old thread ).Sadly it didn't got picked up as a winner although it seemed to be pretty close :/

But yesterday I decided that instead of letting it rot on my hard-drive I uploaded it to this print on demand service where it can be ordered as an art print, t-shirts and various other formats.

Even though I have improved a lot as an artist in these 9 years I still feel this is one of my favorite pieces... Still remember how pumped up I was when I got the idea for the concept and how disappointed I was when it didn't win hehe

So if anyone here is interested in the illustration here is a link where it can be ordered:

Thanks again everybody!
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Haha, I still remember that piece too. Very funny!

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