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Mexico Published Some Original Spider-Man Comics

Currently trending on social media right now are a series of Spider-Man comics that were published in Mexico back in the 70s...entirely original stories featuring Peter still in a relationship with Gwen Stacy.

The big claim going around is that these stories were made after Gwen died, and that the publisher of the comics wing in Mexico felt the readership would dwindle after Gwen was murdered, so they got in touch with Marvel and got sort of a go-ahead to do their own thing.

In truth, this initiative occurred a full year before Gwen was killed, and the comic was cancelled an issue before Gwen was murdered. Gwen's fans latched on to one particular issue where Peter "married" Gwen and somehow got it into their heads, without bothering to read the issue, that these stories took place in an all too rare timeline where Peter and Gwen were married.

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