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The Brave and The Bold That Never Was: You Choose

The idea of this thread is to list team ups of characters that have never individually teamed up before in DC. What characters would you like paired for a story and why? If this takes off I can start a Marvel Team Up That Never Was version.

I will start things off. Aquaman and Wonder Woman have never been individually teamed up. Sure, as a part of a greater group within the Justice League for years,but despite similar characters similarities such as being of two worlds and royals among their people and warrior heritage were never played on. I do not mean romantically as Arthur has Mera and Diana has Steve, but they should share a unique connection in the superhero community.

Also, despite the long running history of the characters the proper Supergirl who died in COIE never teamed up with Dick "Robin" Grayson. I would have liked to have seen them interact beyond one 1968 World's Finest story which Supergirl, Batgirl, and Robin all participated in which basically had Batgirl side with Superman and Supergirl side with Batman and Robin was just there. Superman's classic protege and Batman's classic protege could have played off the angle of Robin's crush on Batgirl in the late 1970s' with Linda helping him by making Batgirl jealous or just to see some basic interaction.

Batgirl and the New Teen Titans, would have been cool to see cross paths in the early 1980s'. Batgirl despite her sidekick status and like Supergirl never worked with the Teen Titans, in any group. It would have been cool or to see a flashback tale with Barbara working with Robin,Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Changling, and the then three new heroes on a case. Especially with history that has added in time between her and Robin and how it might play off Starfire.

Some story interaction of Chief O'Hara and Detective Harvey Bullock. The two number two featured cops in Gotham never interacted and O'Hara never got the coverage he deserved. I always thought these two characters interacting would be fun to see play off of one another on a case.

So what do you all have for picks? Any character combination that you would like to see?
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