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TMNT first series Custom cartoon


It's been 2 years since I had my last login, and it was cool to see this website still is going on.

As I'm a very big fan of the first series back in 87', I strugled to find or make thouse figures and vehicles in color like it was back on televison. I have gather a big lot of the figures and have only the expensive ones left to get. Also got some of the big vehicles and playsets. Like the Technodrome and Sewerset..

I hope, If anyone has, could share their custom figure or vehicle that is made to look like the old cartoon at this thread. The main thing that I really kicket about back in my kids age, ( yes time go fast ) is that the launched figure lines had colors that was different from the cartoon. Like the blue Shredder, April's outfit, Irma, Bebop and Rocksteady.. and even the vehicles like the blue Technodrome, the purple drilling machine..

If anyone has made a "cartoonish" of that toyline.. share some pictures, and will really warm my heart. I've seen some of the characters around on different forums. Like the cool Irma repaint.
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I'll start with these two fellows. A fast repaint.

And.. sice it was only one turtle in undercover mode (don) as plastic, not the cloth coat version. I desided to make all 4 from this figure.

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Optimus Primer
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Nice! I made Coming Out of their Shells figure a while ago, but nothing based off of the original cartoon.
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That is pretty cool! It was a missed opportunity to not have a set of trench coat turtles with the rubber mask they all wore as an accessory.
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There's an entire section of the board dedicated to customs, you should browse it.
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I should see if someone would paint 4 done for my collection cause I don't think I'll ever find the other 3 cloth undercover

Love the pic man
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