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The Venture Bros Return - Season 7, Summer 2018

The Venture Bros. are coming back this summer

Adult Swim has confirmed that its beloved adventure series spoof/ongoing examination of failure and sadness, The Venture Bros., will be coming back sooner than expected. Per Forbes, the network responded to recent questions about the show’s return by stating that it’ll be back this summer, coming as something of a surprise for fans who’ve been waiting eagerly for any kind of news about when the titular bros might next appear.

It’s been more than two years since we last checked in with Hank, Dean, Rusty, Brock, and the rest of the deluded, costumed man-children who make up their universe, with 2016's sixth season feeling both weirdly short, and also more heavily invested in the serialized storytelling elements that have always lurked in the back of the show’s DNA. This new information, meanwhile, comes in the aftermath of a recent interview with Chris Prynoski, whose Titmouse Studios handles the animation duties on the series. Prynoski was apparently tight-lipped about when the series might be making its way back to TV, but Adult Swim was a lot more open, responding to inquiries with a straightforward summer 2018 date. (And while this all feels a little roundabout, series creator Jackson Publick retweeted the Forbes piece quoting this potential return, which feels like pretty strong confirmation that the show will soon be back.)
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