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Originally Posted by MisfitKraang View Post

I am with you. I would like to see Tokka again. And I like his realtionship with Rahzar in 1987 series. It's a shame that they were only in one episode
Thanks I'm glad someone's with me, I too like the relationship and it's such a shame it was only ine episode I woulda loved to more of them I guess grown up!

Originally Posted by miru View Post
One of the Nick games will use Tokka, and the producers have also teased him.
Really?OMG? I hope
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Phew, looking back at this years later is a fair bit odd, given how many were revived...

By now, the only ones I can see not coming back are:

* Redundant characters: Lotus Blossom, Pimiko, Ninjara, Traximus, and Lugnut. To a lesser extent also Starlee, Chaplin, etc. Itís more likely to see Karai, Alopex, Zeno, and Hun. Yet at the same time, Nick has both created a Bloodsucker (who has legal red tape surrounding him) substitute and used Wyrm in very different roles. Same with Slash alongside Tokka. I could see the redundant characters retooled to work and be more distinct.
* Scrappies, like Venus, Carter, Cody, Eric Sachs, etc. The hatred of these characters makes people cautious about using them again, outside of some nods (Carterís Mutant form in the Chris Bradford show, Venus on the side of the van). Then again, they have pulled out Dregg and Vernon Fenwick from the vault. (Though PD probably sealed the latterís coffin).
* Very minor characters like Hokum Hare, Dumpjumper, Thrashmor, etc. Self-explanatory. Though there may be the occasional Princess Tribble.
* Mirage characters that could clash with Nickelodeon mandates and current lore, like Hamato Hana and Tang Amaya.
* Characters with rights issues, such as the Golden Harvest, Konami, and Image casts. Yet they apparently got the rights to Tatsu a while back, so there may be hope of Aska just yet.

Now, what about which current characters will fade? I suppose Eric Sachs is an obvious one.
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