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Big Boss
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Jack Kirby

Cool little quote at the bottom of this article on Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy, recalling his one encounter with Jack Kirby, in which he spotted a TMNT sketch inside his notepad.

“I have a sad Jack Kirby story. I’m on a panel with him. He tells the story of how he created the Silver Surfer. Jack’s ranting and raving about Stan Lee crying, worried the company is going to be closed and go bankrupt, but not to worry Stan! Jack saw a guy standing a surfboard on his way home and now he’s going to make the Surfer and save everything. At this point in the panel Jack’s wife stood up in the crowd and said ‘Why don’t you sit down and let the young people talk?’ Jack’s head sags, he sits down, opens his sketch pad and looks over at me. There’s Ninja Turtles on the page, he looks at me and says ‘I like the turtles.’ I thought to myself ‘Oh f*ck. My one and only Jack Kirby moment and it’s a meme.'”
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Seems fitting.
Life, at best, is bittersweet.

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Candy Kappa
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Makes you wonder, did he do more then the one tmnt sketch?
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Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
Makes you wonder, did he do more then the one tmnt sketch?
Great story. And..these are the two I'm aware of. I think Eastman did an inked version of the first one:

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