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Originally Posted by PartyWolf View Post
Yeah and the story is "we figured we could make more money and have someone else put up the up-front capital, but we'll phrase it so that it looks like we are doing you all a favour" - lol
And BINGO was his name-o.

I like kickstarters, but this is getting old already.
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King Kahn
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yeah, what party wolf said.
signiture line?! SIGNATURE LINE!!! I need no signature line!!!
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Like, stupid rich.
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From Kevin Wilson, designer:
I do wish folks wouldn't spread rumors of games doing badly without any evidence of it. That sort of thing can do real harm to a game's future if folks read it and believe a game is dead or dying. TMNT has done quite well both as a KS and at retail, or so say my royalties. The delays on Cityfall had nothing to do with that and were more to do with licensing and scheduling.
Honestly, I like Kickstarter campaigns though I understand the pain of it if you don't live in North America. But they're fun to be a part of and usually get more for your moneys worth. Turtles variants, Bebop & Rocksteady (+human forms), mouser minis, art lithographs, Fugitoid, Ultimate Shredder... there was alot of cool extra stuff you only got being a part of the campaign.

I'm looking forward to doing it again

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So I got the works edition, but I only have one of the Was it just in the tray and I missed it?
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Like, stupid rich.
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That was sold separately at retail, not included in The Works. I just bought it for the alternate sculpt as well as her updated/fixed cards. I did the same for Casey as well. Haven't gotten around to picking up Splinter yet.

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