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Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
Why you haven't been permanently banned by now is beyond me. This is getting to be trolling or bullying almost where nobody can say anything negative about the show without you barging in to 'correct them'.

I'm done. I'm convinced the only reason you're still allowed to post here is because the mods feel the forum needs a villain or a heel for some reason.
not that i don't disagree with you...but if you quit now, Arrogant, rowdy, nasty people like cubed win. you have to fight back against that type of personality, however pointless it may seem.

As Jester so wisely pointed out at one point....there are other ways to annoy cube without stooping to his level..
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Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
Yes, he's right with Muckman, but that doesn't excuse the thousands of other times he just busts in on someone saying anything remotely negative about his beloved children's show. It stopped being funny and it's becoming ****ing annoying.
LOL... I love how people who disagree with someone call them a known troll. smh. that's stepping down to cube levels,

Muckman is just too gross to look at, as with some of the other designs in this show.

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Tarris Vaal
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I also have to add another vote for Apocalypse Leo - though I didnt mind most of it, I just didn't like the weird proportions. I was reminded too much of the Goombas from the Mario movie


But aside from that, I think the vast majority of Nick's design work has been excellent. The Space arc stuff especially was largely superb.

That said,
* April Derp was a definite weird one. Wasn't fond of that design at all.

* Bigfoot just looked off (in fact a lot of A Foot too Big's animation seemed slightly off - like a lot of it was rushed)

* The Finger was just a bizarre villain anyway, but I wasn't sold on the design. Though to be fair I think the concept as a whole was pretty flawed.

* Spiderbytez I have mixed feelings on. I dont care for the design much, but it was quite an innovative way to do a spider mutant - certainly a very unique design and I have to give them credit for that.

* I really didn't like the Mega shredder much, it was just too much of a messy mishmash, though I appreciated the little godzilla nods.

* I'm also not sure about some of the decisions on the Kraang biodroids. Buttcannons was one thing, chest buzzsaws (and I choose my words diplomatically) was quite another.
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Given all of the hate for Leo's second mutation, I wonder if it wouldn't have been better for them to go with a more creepier second mutation more akin to Rahzar's over what was actually done with Leo. A hulking, partially skeletal Turtle with a spikey shell and rows of pointed teeth covering himself in rags, while still having the blue bandanna that tells you it's Leo.

That's what I assumed second mutations kind of did to you, because even the Super Shredder sort of looked skeletal, at least on his face. It looks weird having a Turtle's second mutation be reminiscent of a crappy Goomba from that Mario movie.

For what I think was the worst mutant design? A toss up between Spider Bytes and the Fish-Eagle-Worm thing, with April Derp being a close contender. Spider Bytes looks plainly goofy, he looks too much like a second rate Pokémon.

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Overall, I didn't mind Future Leo's design. Some aspects were weird, but I could get used to them if we just got to see a bit more of him in the episode. Even so much as getting to see his reaction to his new form and what happened immediately after he double-mutated.

Adding my two cents to which character design never sat well with me was Dogpound. I liked his second mutated form much better.
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I didn't see much of Dogpound (probably because I haven't watched all of the episodes), but he went from being bulky to looking like an animated dog cadaver, and I had to get used to the new form. The same also applies with Bebop & Rocksteady, and Slash.

I liked Snakeweed; I just wished that more character development went into him.

Spiderbytes.. I could do without that guy. He should have just stayed human and a crotchety old fart.

Why Tokka was so damn gigantic.. I might not ever understand that one.

I could maybe grow to like Dregg's re-design.

The character concept that maybe could have used a little more tinkering with (for the sake of distinguishing the two separated colonies), would be the Utroms / The Kraang. Except for Sub-Prime and Kraang Prime, all of the aliens looked the same in appearance.
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Zog The Magnificent
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I actually didn't mind Leo's apocalypse design. His head was small, but that makes sense since his muscles were enhanced by the mutation and the head doesn't really have muscles. It kinda reminded me of Bane from the Arkham games.

If I had to pick a design I didn't like, I'd probably go with Muckman. It just struck me as unnecessarily gross and gory.
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