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What Trade Paperbacks would I need to collect Mirage?

So, I have the first two trade Ultimate collections, and I'm looking to get as many of the stories as I possibly can. The problem is, is that there are multiple paperbacks and ways to get these stories. My question is, is that what is the best possible combo to do so?
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Princess Anri
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Mirage Vol 1

1-7 + Raphael (Works Vol 1/Ultimate Vol 1)
Fugitoid (Utrom Empire TPB)
8 to 11 + Leo/Mikey/Don (Works Vol 2/Ultimate Vol 2)
12, 14-15, 17, 19-21 (Works Vol 3/Ultimate Vol 3)
13 (Color Classics Vol 1)
16 (Color Classics Vol 2)
18 (Quarter Century Celebration)
22 to 23 (Color Classics Vol 2)
24 to 26 (Mirage TPB Vol 6)
27 to 29 (Color Classics Vol 3)
31, 35-36 (Soul's Winter HC)
32-33, 37 (Color Classics Vol 4)
34, 38-40 (Color Classics Vol 5)
42-44 (Color Classics Vol 6)
45-47 (Color Classics Vol 7)
48-55 (Works Vol 4/Ultimate Vol 4)
56-62 (Works Vol 5/Ultimate Vol 5)

Here's my personal collecting list.
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John Pannozzi
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^ Very Good.

This thread should help:
Originally Posted by El Santo
Originally Posted by Bergerjacques
It was definitely not a kid's book.
That was the thing that always mystified me about the turn the franchise took when Eastman and Laird licensed the cartoon and the parallel comic book published by the same outfit that gave us Archie. The turtles' original origin story? The whole thing hinges on a for-Christ's-sake rape-murder!!!!
from here.
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