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So far, it seems like you need very specific ooze to reincarnate. Either consumed (in the case of Saki and his previous incarnations) or injection (in the case of the Hamato family). So long as it gets inside you. And even the little bit that Hob got when he tried to make off with Raphael was enough to mutate him.

(But...not heal his eye? I guess it wasn't healing serum, which you'd think he'd try to get a hold of. If the stuff can grow a man's leg back, I'm sure it can do the same for an eye.)
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And Iím sure Hobís bias against human-born Mutants will come back to bite him one day. Like maybe Dreadmon starts a group of formerly-human-Mutants to oppose Hob? That would be a great turn for Dreadmon, and keep up with a "cat vs dog" element to things.

Maybe Stryacodons could be introduced as reincarnated Neutrinos?

EDIT: Someone else suggested Mondo and Hermanís personalities were due to their owners.

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Originally Posted by Bobby Curnow View Post
Spengler and Duke have it right.

And yes, it is the most confusing and (to me at least) frustrating part of our mythos.
That's kind of good though. It makes things more variable and complex, and presents the "science" as something you have to actually put some time/thought/effort into and not just something that happens in 5 minutes.

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