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What if the Turtles Hamato Yoshi bought were female?

I present to you the Teenage Mutant Kunoichi Turtles

Leonarda "Leona", the female Leonardo. With this one I struggled quite a bit to get it right and I'm not quite satisfied with the result either.
- Is of all the turtles the shortest and when it comes to physical strength the weakest, Splinter made her leader because that would take her mind off of that fact and in doing so helped her self-esteem out quite a bit.
- Although physically the shortest and the weakest, Leona is also of all the turtles the fastest, in both her velocity with her swords and in split second decision making when leading her sisters into battle.
- Leona sees herself as a real life version of Captain Wayjane from the Sci-fi series "Space heroes, deep dish seven" and the fact that she keeps using quotes from that series, often rubs her team mates the wrong way.
- Leona and Raphaelle have a rivalry of Speed against power and of wits against guts. Their sparring matches often descending into catfights, despite that Leona and Ella truly respect the other and form a tight unit when battling the Foot Clan.

Michelangela "Angie", Gender swapped Michelangelo. And the whole idea of what a female Mikey would be like was so funny that I instantly knew the whole deal.
- "Angie" so that the other turtles can shout her name in the same way they shout "MIKEY!" when the latter is fooling about.
- Because Mikey has freckles, I envisioned Angie to be a Redhead and that her hair is naturally curly. That's solely on the fact that it makes her look not that bright, which leads to enemies underestimating her.
- I figured Angie to be a stocky, chubby girl, not really obese but bigger than a teenage hard body girl. Coming largely from Mikey's love for Pizza which is undiminished with Angie, in fact, it might be worse. She's also the bustiest of all four girl turtles.
- Angie is the kind of girl who just hugs everybody, regardless of who they are, she's enthusiastic, lively and bubbly.

Raphaelle "Ella", Gender swapped Raph. And again when I was imagining what she would be like the complete picture was already there.
- Is a head strong and total tomboy, she keeps her violent temper from her male counterpart but add the whole "Hell hath no fury of a Woman scorned" to the mix.
- She has short blond hair that she wears in a Mohawk, for some reason it never wanted to grow any longer so she made due with what she had.
- Raphaelle insists on being called "Ella" because she's very peeved about the fact that unlike her sisters, her name doesn't end with an A and has given Master Splinter a hard time because of that. This is because she DOES know she's a girl and wants to reinforce her bond with her sisters. Another point in which she expresses her femininity is the fact that she keeps the tails of her bandana extra long to compensate for her short hair.

Donatella "Donna", the female Donatello. Once again, when I put my pencil to paper, I already knew everything. That is also why I depicted her in a scene rather than just on her own as I had with the others.
- Retains the technical genius of her male counterpart but adds the skill of multitasking to that. She can read and solve complex equations while repairing the Shellraiser.
- Donna is of all four sisters the most lady-like and hopelessly romantic, still waiting for her redheaded knight in shining armor to take her away.
- Donna is the tallest and the most slender of all four turtle sisters but don't let the fact that her arms and legs aren't as muscular as the others fool you, she's 100% power.
- Donna has a keen sense of fair play and of rectifying mistakes if possible. Here she is in her lab trying to find a cure for Mutagen Man, turn him back into The Pulverizer.

I hope you guys like them.
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