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Originally Posted by Mutant Ninja Anole View Post
Anyways, a very, very small part of me wants this whole monster mutation thing to end up being a plot by Bebop and Rocksteady again, just to start a running gag that would continue with every Jennika mini ending with Bebop and Rocksteady being behind everything.
I'd fine with that but what I'd really, really like to see is Chien Khan as a sort of Jennika-exclusive big bad. The two fit really well together, and it's actually a shame that Ninjara/Umeko can't be used because even with Alopex around, she'd be a great counterpoint and a great physical nemesis for Jennika.

But hopefully this or some other Jen mini will bring in Chien Khan, at least. There's even an easy in for the character now, with all the new mutants going around and Mutant Town's many underground (some literally!) factions.
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