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View Poll Results: Do You Want A New TMNT Film To Be Current Or In The 80's/90's?
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80's/90's 33 61.11%
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Originally Posted by d_osborn View Post
I have a complete different view on it. Mid-80s NYC had a much different feel than modern NYC-- seedy, dirty, dangerous. It lends itself better to a "more serious" TMNT adaptation, imo.

Modern NYC a'la Netflix Daredevil does a good job of inserting the older feel, too. Both could work, it just depends on the creativity (or lack thereof?) with the storytellers.
Yes, Batman:The Animated Series did that. The aesthetic of the 40s' using most stories from 1970 to 1985 yet it is today. No layered themes, no over the top set pieces, but a little of everything blended together. There is no need to cater to one set or the other. I will never read a Daredevil title, I could not get through the "Born Again" arc, but I freaking love the television show. That suggest the show is doing something right drawing in fans of a genre who have no interest in the source material.
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Originally Posted by Shred87 View Post
I always thought it would be cool to do a direct sequel to the 1990 movie. A sequel more in tone with the original. Bring Casey Back and Danny back and pick up right from the rooftop.
So they've been standing on that rooftop since 1990?
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Wow, I never considered this. Actually a retro-TMNT film with CGi turtles with the appropriate art direction would be pretty cool....

Great thread!
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Great question!

I grew up in the 90s and thats when TMNT had the biggest impact on me..
But i could go either way.. as long as it was done well!. Time and period wasn't what hurt the last few films imo.. it was the writing, direction and character design. i could see Hamato and Saki's story as an intro in the 90s and then fast forward to present with the turtles maybe? I want Violence! I want the ninja fight **** turned up to 11!! Joker and Deadpool made a boat load of cash and imo proved a point. No more kiddie ****! It's our turn! I'm really concerned with who they might be considering to direct the next film.. I hope they learned a thing or two after the last two attempts

Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
I offer an alternative opinion/idea, get laughed at and labelled, made to feel like an outcast (amongst fellow unwashed flimsy outcasts), it's more telling of the sort of people who find more fun in negativity than a fun time at the cinema. This is the kind of s*it that drove Leo away, well guess what? No getting rid of me. Do your worst.
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That's a good benchmark. Would making any of the last two or three movies period piece movies set in the 80s any better? No, it wouldn't. Seeing pay phones around and no cell phones doesn't add anything to something like TMNT.
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