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Plot lines we wish they expanded on

With this incarnation coming to a close, there is still so many stories and plot lines that we wish the writers had expanded on.

Some popular examples are who was April's mother and what happened to her.
Or the fate of Mutagen Man and what becomes of him.
Or even how Mona Lisa is faring with the Mutanimals.
Tiger Claw's backstory with Alopex.

One such story I wished they had expanded on was the Retromutagen. I know this is sort of my Donatello Bias talking, but hear me out.

In season two we have Donnie finally create retromutagen. It's a reoccurring plot point within season two up until Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman when it's successfully created.

But then when it's finally created Donnie says he intends to use it to cure April's father and Splinter.

We know Donnie's needed to cure Timothy and Kirby, but the desire to cure Splinter doesn't entirely come from out of nowhere. After all, the turtles had likely seen Splinter mourning his lost humanity more than once over the years he had raised them. So it's only logical that Donnie would have wanted to give his adoptive father a means to regain some of what he had lost. But as they didn't have any samples of the Mutagen to work with, that had to be a dream that would go unfulfilled.

And that desire to cure Splinter could start with a flashback moment. It doesn't even have to be that long ago after all the turtles wouldn't look that much different at 13 then they would at 16. Heck their 14 when they are officially given the title of Ninja. In this flashback Donnie is shown telling Leo that if he ever figures out a way to reverse Mutations, he will cure Splinter first. Then shift to Donnie successfully creating the Retromutagen.

Following that with the exception of a few mutations such as stockman and the entire city of New York, the retromutagen ceases to work and it's never explained why. The only thing we can assume is the mutagen is too refined for the retromutagen for the retromutagen to fix, or Multiple mutations cause the retromutagen to have no effect.

But this whole plot line could have been really expanded on. For example, the Shredder likes to believe he holds all the cards in the farce between him and Splinter. As such if his enemy has something that could be used against him as any sort of advantage, he wants to claim it for himself or destroy it and its source so it isn't of use to any one.

That is why he forces Karai to be his living puppet because, in reality, she is the only card he has to play. That's why he chooses to help the Kraang because he shares a common enemy with them. And his short sightedness prevents him from seeing how much more of a problem the Kraang are when compared to the Turtles.

The issue doesn't need to be brought up in the Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman. But maybe at some point, like later that season or even the third season has one of the characters such as Casey or Mikey points out how disastrous it would be if their enemies got their hands on the retromutagen or learned about it.

After all, Stockman and Rahzar only learned about the retromutagen in its initial episode. Stockman is even seen trying to create retromutagen for himself and hides it when Shredder walks into the lab.

Stockman is more or less a prisoner of the Shredder and was forcibly mutated because he wasn't successfully coming up with effective hench-mutants. So it would be understandable that he wouldn't want to let on to the Shredder he is trying to become human once again.

Rahzar is loyal to the Shredder so why wouldn't he want to report the retromutagen to Shredder. And the reason for it is because he only wants to cure himself only. If he reports it to Shredder, that means that Fishface would also learn about it and want to use it instead. Plus the Shredder isn't likely to let either of them use it, but instead, want he himself would want to use it to restore Splinter to a man so that he doesn't have the advantages he has as a mutant.

Then in season three, Bebop and Rocksteady learn about the Retromutagen. Like Stockman, they are also prisoners of the Shredder. If either of them found a way to return to human and escape they would take it, the other be damned.
And while they aren't the bunglers their Fred Wolf Counter Parts are. But they also aren't the brightest bulbs on Shredder's roster of Hench Mutants. Both of them are foolish enough to mention the Retromutagen's existence while Shredder is in ear shot.

Also there is the Kraang. They want to mutate the Earth into the new Dimension X. In Serpent Hunt there is a moment when Donnie openly says he's nearly done with making his latest batch of Retromutagen, just seconds before they are confronted by the Kraang. There is no way the Kraang would allow anything that can botch their efforts to freely exist.
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