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Figures from tmnt 3

During the time of these releases, i want a fan no more of tmnt, so i just bought on the flea market , the humans figs from the movie....
I want to know if these figs were popular or shelf warmers during this period. What is your opinion about the figs and characters in this movie.
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I don't recall having a hard time finding these figures, but I bought most of them near launch, and eventually the whole series once they went to clearance. Some of them, like Walker, definitely languished on clearance racks.
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The turtles sold better than the human characters when the TMNT 3 figures were first sold early in 1993. Raphael was the toughest to find. The human characters like Princess Mitsu and Walker were pegwarmers for years in the 90s AND the 2000s in some places. However, I have never seen Warlord during my travels to the toy stores in the 90s. Toys R Us had almost a whole aisle full of Movie 3 figures before the release of the film. Of course, Treasure Trolls, the Toy Biz Uncanny X-Men line, Hasbro WWF figures, and Dakin Barney dolls were all hot sellers at the time. Thankfully for shellheads, the original TMNT action figures were still birthday and Christmas gifts to many children in 93 and 94.

Only thing was the hunt for Turtles figures was never as exciting in the mid 90s as it was in the spring of 1990 during Turtlemania. Parents were not waiting in line at ToysRUs for the Movie 3 figures like they were the original wave 1 through 3 figures in 1990. Those times were over.

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