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Where is the Mikey cover? He's pretty badly shafted no?

Thanks evan2000 for the sig!
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Originally Posted by Rooish View Post
Where is the Mikey cover? He's pretty badly shafted no?
It's been hinted at that Michelangelo will appear on the cover of Volume 7, where Mikey is on his own in the aftermath of the Hamato/Oroku gauntlet battle ("Vengeance").

Similarly, it's been said that Shredder is on the next upcoming volume (#6), covering "Vengeance". And it has been hinted that Krang is being saved for whenever the upcoming storyline "The Trial of Krang" is reached in the hardbacks.
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I've just got caught up on purchasing all 4 volumes of these and I have been loving them. 5 is on preorder as well. I really hope that shredder makes the cover for Vol 6. Hands down my second favorite character and I need him in this form of cover.
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