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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
I hope to god IDW reprints this and the Spinal Tapped story in their Tales trades.

I believe this is the only story I don't actually own of Mirage continuity, quite funny.
Cubed I smile everytime I read that you want Spinal Tapped reprinted in IDW's second Tales collected book. I agree that it is a nice little story and would even out the page counts between the books. Please keep it up!
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I was looking for this in a long time

Regards from Chile!!
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Great Typo, Unfortunate Truth:
"The once gritty, satirical, hard-hitting Turtles became cuddly, fun-loving, pizz-swirling heroes to little kids"
<Picture of a dead turtle>
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Originally Posted by wilddiverse View Post
So, are these scans available? I'm stuck on the Mirage continuity because of this missing story, and Savanti Romero looks kind of stuck in time as usual. I don't want to end like hiiiim

EDIT: Gotcha. Thanks a lot, wilddiverse! My path is cleared now.

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I repost page 7

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