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Shellheads: Fan-Fiction Fest

I'm sorry guys, I don't like to arbitrarily promote my podcast, but we did an episode on TMNT Fan-fic stuff this week and I'm really happy with it. So I wanted to give a one-time promotion of the show.

We talked about the Casey Jones movie from 2011, Andrew's self-published TMNT: Odyssey, and that new game TMNT: Rescue Palooza.

If you like it, we are very subscribable on all the major Pod-catchers. If you hate this self-promotion, I get it. I hate when people won't shut up about their podcasts. If I ever talk about Shellheads again here, the instances will be few and far between.

I'm sorry to have stolen your can continue your regularly scheduled technodroming.
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I, like many other people, don't hate promotion of things I like.
Because of continuity and timeline errors, I've given up writing fanfiction based on the 1987-1996 animated television series. Instead, I'm trying to reboot the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story, something many other fanfiction writers already do:

Hopefully, stories will later appear at
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