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Originally Posted by NinjaPug View Post
Who was the poster on here that got mad at Ciro for basically telling him to **** off after they sent him a message on Facebook about the things they didn't like about his show?
That would be me.

After months of basically saying positive things about the show, I dared to say two things I didn't like. Basically I didn't care for Casey's Stupid FacePaint look...and that the Pulverizer was the most useless tmnt character ever invented.

I basically got F Bombed into oblivion and got told to commit suicide by his yes fans.
I'm still rather shocked at how fast that dove tailed.

It was only after that I learned that he'd already been driven mad by Cube who drove him off here. so the over reaction to an opinion made a little more sense.
Even though I shouldn't have to apologize for an opinion, I did anyway after learning all of the hate he was getting from other people, but he was having none of it...and that was it with that.

Suffice it to say, that was the last time I felt the need to interact with any of the new corporate shows creators.
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