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Batman: Hush Highlights DC Animated Original Movies in 2019

The next 4 films in the DCAO line have been unveiled. First up is Reign of the Supermen we already knew about fleshing out the first film ever did. Then Justice League vs Fatal Five. This is interesting as they are Legion of Super Heroes foes. Will The Legion show up? Are qe stuck with the New 52 JLA lineup? Third up is one of two I have been waiting for years for, Batman: Hush. This is a great story in itself even with the twist well known and somewhat of a formula from Jeph Loeb. It was the second ever storyline that I ever read off the rack at the comic shop as well. The other one I have long wanted adapted is 2007's Sinestro Cotps War. Finally, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is adaoted strategically released in the same quarter of Wonder Woman 1984.
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The DC animated films tend to be a mixed bag, but I'm looking forward to these.
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I'm most curious about the Wonder Woman film
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The original Wonder Woman animated movie was so good, too bad that it bombed so badly that they cancelled the in production Batgirl Year One which I was looking forward to and they weren't allowed to make any more female hero movies for what nearly a decade now.

Hush was such an awesome storyline, I always wanted to see it animated and was surprised it never did in previous Batman shows in the 00's. I don't like the ending since Jason Todd being teased back then when he was still alive was too HYPE for me to care about the real identity Hush anymore.

It's too bad these movies are a hit or miss, especially after the Nu52 reboot which was an utter failure. A shame, DC was so good with animation I don't know what happened. Marvel also became really competent in animation right before Disney bought them and now they're mediocre again too.
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