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Post Hidden Kingdom : A TMNT AU Fanfic

A long-term friend and I have decided to take the plunge and co-write a fic together. They are writing the bulk of the story, and I'm involved with the beta and promotion side of things.

T* is a crazy imaginative writer, but also really shy to put themselves out there. I'm more brazen and shameless, and I've been writing fics for a good number of years, so nothing surprises me anymore haha! But give all the support to T* as this is going to be their debut

So here is the dedicated thread to Hidden Kingdom. Updates and what-not will also be posted here as well as on one of my sideblogs on Tumblr. Feel free to give us feedback and your thoughts!

This is a preview, and the first chapter will be coming out soon!

Hidden Kingdom

The turtles are older, wiser and stronger. But something strange has happened. They are transported to an unfamiliar world unlike their own, and it is there that they are separated from each other to four distant empires. Though they are apart, they each discover more about themselves than they ever did on their own.

Donatello, the trust of his body as well as his mind. Michaelangelo, the feeling of freedom and being his true self. Raphael, the true meaning of leadership. And finally, Leonardo, where he finally learns to trust his brothers to succeed with the strength of their own.

But something else is lurking in the shadows.

The Black Army is coming, and the brothers must be ready.
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Sneak Preview

Oh hi guys! First few chapters of this fic is on its way, but for now here's a short snippet of what's to come...
It was strange.

Never had Leo felt unease whenever he walked through the emperor’s palace. He had wandered through these very halls many times before, each creak of the wooden floor as familiar as every nick and scar on the back of his hands. But this time, it felt different. He paused in his ministrations to properly assess his surroundings, and it was then that he noticed the glass display case mounted on an ornate chest at the far end of the trophy room.

This room was dedicated to the emperor, decorated with grand gifts and artefacts of numerous design and age. Due to the emperor’s extreme longevity, the pieces on display were rotated on a regular basis in order to showcase them all over time, but there was something about the glass case which made his skin prickle.

With a strong urge to sate his curiosity, Leo cautiously walked over to the display and craned his neck to observe its contents.

There, laid out on a bed of red velvet were a pair of blue banded katanas. Both exactly the same as each other in design, but both different in terms of the story it told through the nicks and scratches it gained from past battles. Leo stared at them in awe, and he could almost hear the clash of blades in his mind like it was a distant memory. He had never held these blades before – a ridiculous notion, these were the emperor’s after all – but he couldn’t shake the feeling of familiarity as he stared at the twin katanas.

He could almost feel the weight of them on his palm – instinctually he knew the left one needed a slightly higher grip to compensate for its weight imbalance. Not that he would have ever known that, but this bit of information itched at the back of his brain. Not wanting to dwell on it further, he swiftly walked away without a second glance as he made his way to his true destination; his own quarters to retrieve his ninjato.

But something faltered his steps.

Something in his mind wanted to claw its way out, to remember…something.

It came to him in jumbled pieces; a broken narrative in his mind as he remembered how the blades would sing harmoniously when unsheathed. How his own blue eyes were reflected on the metal surface after it was polished. How it left diamond imprints on the palm of his hands after wielding.

And not just his own hands, but another pair held it out to him in honour of his merit. His dedication. His leadership.

He could remember the pride.


The voice pulled him back to reality – the very sound cut his psyche like a dagger – and he whirled around to face whoever had called him. Stood at the far end of the room was Karai, arms crossed with irritated disposition as she stared at him expectantly.

“S-sorry, I was just…” Leo couldn’t finish his sentence as he ambled back towards her.

Karai scoffed. “Just what? Daydreaming?” She shook her head before she turned to leave. “Usagi is waiting. Hurry up and meet me in the dojo. We have training.”

“Yes, Sensei.” He said, back straightened.

He took in a deep breath. Needed to focus.

There was training to do.

To be continued…
Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoyed this short snippet of what’s to come! We’ll keep you posted of the first chapter of this AU when it’s released!

You can also follow our joint blog on Tumblr, tmnt-fanfic!

Until then, see you soon

~ T* & Pazlet

Pazlet and T* : Co-author to Hidden Kingdom
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Merry Christmas!

I'm doing some illustrations for this story, while T* is busy busy busy with writing! Here is our fave Leo and Karai of this AU!


Have a lovely Christmas and heres to a fantastic New Year!

Pazlet and T* : Co-author to Hidden Kingdom
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