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Authentic Movie Posters & 27x40 Double Sided One Sheets

Wondering if the community here has embraced original movie posters or one sheets in their collections. Obviously there are the TMNT movies that had some cool posters if you can find them.

For anyone who doesn't know but wants to chat on the topic; a studio movie poster is generally considered authentic when it measures 27x40 or 27x41 and is double sided where the reverse side is actually a mirror image of the front side. This was done with the intention of enhancing the image when placed on a backlit display board in theaters.

I don't have too many authentic film posters, but I buy them to enhance my displays. Then when I want to change up a display, I will replace the one-sheet in the frame with a corresponding poster.

The problem with these though is that they are hard to store and you don't really want to roll them, although you often have no choice. Rolling would be fine, but it's easy to damage them a variety of ways which, of course, is an issue because some of these things are hard to find and also expensive as hell (check out some of the vintage, authentic Indiana Jones or Star Wars posters - yeesh).

I store my stuff rolled in a rubbermaid tote that was originally intended for Christmas wrapping paper. I've been trying to get away from that for years now, and was really excited to come across a pretty cool one-sheet portfolio. This thing is going to solve all of those problems and also create some space for storing posters. Again, it's expensive, but hey when something honestly meets a need and truly solves a problem then it's worth paying for.

Baroque Portfolios 27x41 Movie Poster Folio

I am super excited about getting this as it's going to give me immediate use and ease of viewing for all of my larger posters. I've got maybe a handful of authentic movie one-sheets from some of the films I love, but I've also got a lot of larger and inappropriately expensive Iron Man LCS and promo posters that this thing is going to save.

Anybody here have any kind of poster or one-sheet collection, poster interest, or even just a single centerpiece like an authentic TMNT '90 Sewer Poster?

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