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I dunna, TMNT could have replaced the Turtles with any other characters and you would hardly know it was a Ninja Turtles movie. I'd say THAT was more generic than the Mirage canon.

"Clearly, you're Ninja Turtling incorrectly." - Leo656
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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
I liked the personalities of the Turtles in the 4th movie except for Mikey. Leo/Raph/Don were pretty much spot on.

Too bad Mikey couldn't have been more like Movie 1-3 Mike, which is a great version of the character.
Was his personality really that much different?
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besides the CGI and the fan-wankery Leo vs Raph, the movie was very generic and unimpressive.

They didn't even show off the various things the models had going on, like pulsing veins
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Originally Posted by Nintendophile View Post
I just found out my Uncle works for Nickelodeon. He says they've already finished animating five full seasons of the new cartoon, and he's going to burn them onto DVD and send them to me next week! I'm going to watch it on my XBOX 720, which my other Uncle, (who works at Microsoft), already sent me. BEST DAY EVER!

(I'm sorry, I'm just teasing ya. It just sounded like the kind of thing we used to make up in elementary school at the lunch table. "My Uncle works here", "My Dad grew up with a guy". Hehe. If it's true, that's really cool, dude. Just giving ya a hard time. )
Okay? But It wasnt a lie.
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Originally Posted by Xav View Post
Was his personality really that much different?
Yes. TMNT Mike was extremely childish and immature, acting almost borderline ADD. Film Mike, especially the first movie, felt most like his Mirage counterpart, and throughout the original trilogy didn't stray too far into the "ZOMG GUIZ LETS RAWK, COWABUNGA DEWDZ!" hyperactive Mike he later became associated with toward the mid-00's.
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