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If they remade Turtles in Time based on 2012

Just an idea I had. When they remade Turtles in Time they kinda missed an opportunity to base in on the 2003 series or some other version of the turtles. If they attempted to make Turtles in Time set in the 2012 series what bosses and playable characters would you include? Maybe some additional levels for that matter?

This is what I would do.

Big Apple - Baxter
Alleycat Blues - Hun (seems like a good choice for a street boss)
Sewer Surfing - The Rat King (sub in the alien looking squirls for the pizzza monsters like the Raw Thrills game did)
Technodrome - Rahzar & Fishface
Prehistoric - Savantii Romero (he's stuck there so why not?)
Skull & Crossbones - Bebop & Rocksteady (in pirate outfits of course)
Bury My Shell - Tiger Claw (just suits the wild west theme yeah?)
Neon Nightriders - The Newtralizer (with a jetpack, maybe swap with Tiger Claw)
Space - Triceration General or Krang Subprime or Lord Dregg (kinda hard to decide)
Final Shell Shock - Super Shredder

I considered having Karai as boss but would rather she be playable. Since Metalhead, Leatherhead and Slash are allies maybe they could be playable or assist characters (Raw Thrills did this with two of them). I'd like April, Casey and Splinter to also be playable. Of course all four turtles are playable.

I don't think I'd add additional levels but maybe one set in medieval Europe or ancient Egypt, Savantii might be better as a boss there. I suppose an episode set in Japan would be appropriate as well, with the formation of the foot clan or something. Honestly there's so many cool possibilities that work well to give the game some nice variety in locations and atmosphere.
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