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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
no one besides nerds cared for Harley before they started giving her revealing outfits, true story.

This trend started with the Arkham games more or less, girls start to notice Harley as sexy and cosplay as her. She slowly over the years becomes more and more popular until basically becoming an A-lister.

Now she's a well known character with a version for younger and older audiences.

If anything it's women who made Harley popular and only noticed her once she was "sexy" instead of an obscure character that only hardcore nerds of BTAS would keep mentioning at conventions about her return in future animated adventures.

DC animation went down the crapper because Harley wears sluty clothes?sure.
While I personally don't mind Harley being sexualized she was already a popular character before the Arkham games and the reason why girls cosplay Harely isn't because she is a sexy character(well it doesn't hurt) but more of her character and relation to Joker.

On topic, film looks good so far however its sort of weird hearing Christian Slater voicing Deadshot. Whenever I picture Deadshot I see him having more of deep and suave voice similar to the last Suicide Squad movie also I'm half expecting him butting heads with Archer. Also major props for the film including Bronze Tiger, one of the best Martial Artist in the DC universe
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I respect what FW cartoon did for the turtles franchise but it is the most overrated and hard to watch of the 3 turtles cartoons.
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Just watched and it was pretty good imo, think of Assualt on Arkham if it turn the gore factor. Weirdly enough though it seems like the plot borrowed some aspects from a Secret Six run
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