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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
Also the problem with social media is posts/comments get buried way too quickly by new stuff, especially on twitter.

With forums, a thread is always there no matter how old it is, and you can always go into a thread and read up on the discussion and make a new post and others will probably respond too. On social media after the initial wave, everything falls/dies too fast.
You put this together nicely. Exactly.
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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
I agree that social media doesn't provide the best platform for in-depth discussions but forums are still not better because of it since all the good posters went to social media so you have a forum with the left-overs and discussion quality went down significantly.
Good posters, uh? It is true that there's less people around, but I would not call the ones who still use forums "left-overs". Discussion quality is still great and better than what you can get on social places.
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That's because I keep getting dragged back. Any place I inhabit, the general IQ goes up about 39 points. Subsequently, the weak-minded die off and fritter away.

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