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Originally Posted by Sumac View Post
Like previous TMNT TV series.
Hm. Yeah I guess on a technicality that might be true.

I stopped watching Fred Wolf shortly around the time it went to Saturday mornings, but that was more of a function of generally being out or active than, as opposed to getting home after school on a weekday on unwinding with TMNT.

TMNT 2003 still looks interesting to this day, but I've only watched it sparingly. Again, when it was on I was 25 or so and just had other things going on.

So really, TMNT 2012 is the only show where I authentically grew more disinterested solely on the merits of the show itself rather than how I was spending my time at that particular moment.
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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Those first... 2.5 seasons will always be special to me. Definitely an interesting bonding point between my then 3 year old daughter and myself. Then it was all Monster High or whatever and the episodes that followed didn't engage as much. And maybe the material started getting a little too silly.
for me, season 1 was tops.

season 2 was WAY overboard with mutants, and it felt like alot of storypoints went missing, or forgotten.

Season 3, one or two farm house eps where ok, the rest where just outright weird or gross and not needed.

4 was the next best one from 1, and 5 second.

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Season 2 is my favorite, then Season 1. I like the later seasons too, but the first two seasons are the ones I gravitate towards the most. If we count half-seasons, I would probably put Season 3B after Season 1. It was great to see Bebop and Rocksteady again, and Season 3's finale was my favorite out of them all.
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