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2016 Lair still standing or no? Thoughts?

Serious question. And I'm largely curious because I very much want a prop (or one of certain props) from it after the company making the replica of Leo's katana up and canceled without any notice whatsoever after waiting patiently on pre-order for nearly a year.
If you missed my complaint about that in mid-February in the Gear Grind thread... the only way I even found out about the cancellation was by asking them about it myself via Facebook. The pre-order finally vanished this month, still with zero email notice or anything. They really aught to work on their customer service...

So after that very disappointing cancellation, I'm wondering how long it could even be before props from this film even turn up. (Or for that matter how to track down what I want or find the right contact that can. I've joined a great prop collecting FB group and spoken with someone there, though still wish I had a rough idea of how long it may be before props turn up. So afraid of just completely missing it and having big collectors just dash in and grab things up, leaving little me without a chance in hell.)

THAT SAID, I'm curious if the lair is still standing intact, perhaps with everything still in place, or if they'd have dismantled (or started to) the thing by now. Even if they've already stated that a 3rd film is probably not happening, given the work that went into making the lair set, might they leave it standing for a while on the off chance they DID turn around and want/need to use it again? I could see dismantling it into reusable pieces, but at the same time this production info write up I found two days ago suggests they actually used concrete; plus you have the whole set up with the water feature. (If, like me, you can't open the file it offers or don't want to, here's Google's cache version.) I don't remember seeing this before and there's some other interesting pieces in there.

Both the lair and Turtle truck were built in the historic Brooklyn Armory in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The building, which housed the 14th regiment of the New York Militia, was originally erected in 1893, and has housed several different divisions of the US Army throughout the years while also being utilized as stage space.

Construction coordinator Ken Nelson and his crew had 14 weeks to complete the lair. They began by preparing the space with layout lines on the floor to distinguish the dimensions of each specific build. Next, it was key grip Tommy Prate's turn to fly a massive lighting grid 52 feet in the air above the build space before Nelson could install the different levels of decking that would comprise the lair floor, along with the unusual addition of a moat.

"On this particular set we used concrete, which served dual purposes," says Nelson. "It looks like the sewer system in New York and it's very solid. We wanted to leave ourselves open for any type of crane to be used on set, so structurally the floor had to sound and meet certain weight requirements. The floor, along with the walls and tunnels, had great texture that allowed for great play with shadow and light so that the lair looked like it went on forever."
So - opinion and criticism fueled yeses aside - is it worth it to be too hasty on tearing all that down? Is this Brooklyn Armory even a place where it could be left standing for a while? I've tried to find more info on the use of that place as stage/set space, but came up empty (other than mentions of prior films).

Probably has zero bearing on this one, but I'd also come across this image (two days ago) that appears to be the take down of the previous lair. IF it was posted by someone involved and image posted during it's deconstruction, then that might have been mid July 2015 and not until the second had started filming.
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