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Originally Posted by turtlefanforever View Post
on my computer watching a video if it's just people talking I can hear them just fine but if it's a song or something with music or background noise they almost completely get drowned out.
Excellent tech support. Bravo!
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Ninja Arnold
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Do you ever get tired of asking people if its plugged in? My tech support question is what to do about a loud computer fan.
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Blow it off... cos there's probably dust and crap in it.
Lie with passion and be forever damned...
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So I use my iPhone for internet. The forums kept giving me an error message and stating page needs to be reloaded. I searched for answers and it was to reset my phone settings. I did that. Now it won't let me select 'default style' for viewing forums as I usually select. Anyone else use iPhone for the drome and know of answers? Thanks.

Update: Issue seems to have resolved its self somehow. Never mind. I think it might have had to do with cookies but really have no idea. Anyway moving on.

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Help with this
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