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Screencaps online

2014 film

2016 film

"We're ninjas." Leo, the Samurai
"We're mutants!" Raph, the Outsider
"Technically, we're turtles." Donnie, the Nerd
"And we're teenagers." Mikey, the Teenager
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Nice Will be cool to get a better look at some stuff that goes by so fast in the movie(s). (And maybe save a few nice shots that hadn't existed online before.)

Although... Maybe it's just me, but really, some of the best shots are those frozen actions and facial expressions that just aren't meant to be seen alone and out of context.

Such as Mikey appearing to finally be feeling the effects of too much pizza. lol Heartburn?


Side note, if I was one for signatures and torturing people with them... this is so begging to be cropped down for one.

edit: Flipping through some again while looking for a certain scene and came across this. From the part after they've jumped out of the first plane. Happens so fast in the movie I never even noticed that Leo has Mikey by the face.


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