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Rise Official Episode Discussion S1 EP17b/18a - Warren and Hypno/Operation Normal

As both episodes aired in the US on Nicktoons, I thought it was best to do a episode discussion.

I couldn't fit Warren and Hypno Sitting in a Tree in the title.

Warren and Hypno Sitting in a Tree
Everyone wants something that Warren Stone has, but he's not giving it up without a fight, and a side of betraya

Operation Normal
My heart!!!! One of my favourite moments.

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Thank you for opening this thread for folks who have seen it, I did a thread on it and I'll say it again the schedule sucks! Who the heck airs new episodes on a weekday and at that time of all times? If they have no faith in the show than why give the OK for it? Bleep.

Ask for the episodes themselves, seeing plot move along like that is fun and keeps some at the edge of their seat watching it unfold. I hated that we had two focused April episodes together like this, its just too much April for my liking. I did enjoy Leo's amusement at the double crossing got a crack up out of me. Younger kids are going to be confused about a certain villains relationship, or will they due to all the promoting shows they do these days?

At least we got some unusual interactions this time, Leo/Donnie and Leo/April was fun. Honestly, on Wiki it says Donnie and Leo butt heads but I don't see it. Is it me or does any one else get a Leo / Karai thing with Leo / Recruit?

Over all, it was enjoyable in my opinion. I enjoyed Leo's characterization.
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Haven't seen these episodes. But from the TMNT's wiki, it looks like Warren Stone is back at square one. To specific, lost the gauntlet. But at least one good thing came out for him.
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Apparently Warren and Hypno are a thing now.
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Originally Posted by Toxin45 View Post
Apparently Warren and Hypno are a thing now.
Tumblr certainly likes to think so.

It's obviously just a bromance with some throwaway gags, though. Funny stuff.
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